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North and Central America and Caribbean Ostomy Association


President:  Susan Burns

Postal: 872 Penny Lane
St. Peters, MO  63376
Cell Phone:

Susan Burns

President-Elect:  Maria-José Bouey

Postal: 35 Hayden St, Suite 407
Toronto, Ontario
Cell Phone:

Vice President:  To Be Determined

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Secretary:  Dielwen (Di) Bracken

Postal: 311 Bay Street South
Hamilton, ON  L8P3J7
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Treasurer:  George F. Salamy

Postal: 30 Wyckoff Way
Chester, New Jersey  07930
Cell Phone:

 George Salamy

Director at Large:  Ana Restrepo, BSN, RN, CWON

Postal: University of Miami Hospital
1400 NW 12th Ave.
Miami, FL  33136
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Member Associations of

    • CANADA
      • Ostomy Canada Society
      • Peter Folk, President
      • 344 Bloor St. West
      • Suite 501
      • Toronto, ON M5S 3A7
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      • Tel: +52 (33) 96 27 11 69
      • United Ostomy Associations of America … ( UOAA )
      • Jennifer Polisner, Office Coordinator
      • Susan Burns, President
      • UOAA
      • P.O. Box 525
      • Kennebunk, ME 04043-0525
      • Tel: + 800-826-0826 (Toll Free In USA)
      • Email: info@ostomy.org
      • Website: www.ostomy.org


A Regional Association of the Ostomy Association of the Americas

      1. NAME
        The Name of the Association is The NORTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA AND CARIBBEAN OSTOMY ASSOCIATION (NCACOA) hereinafter called “THE ASSOCIATION”. The Association is a Regional Association of the Ostomy Association of the Americas (OAA). OAA is a Region of the International Ostomy Association (IOA).
      2. HISTORY
        The North and Central America and Caribbean Ostomy Association was organized in 1990 as a Regional Association of the International Ostomy Association (IOA). When IOA was reorganized in 2010 and the 5 existing Regions consolidated into 3 Regions, NCACOA and the Asociacion Latino Americana de Ostomizados (ALADO) were merged into one of these 3 IOA Regions, OAA.THE ASSOCIATION is a non-profit making, non-political and religiously neutral organization concerned only with the health, welfare and quality of life of ostomates and those it serves. It is pledged to co-operate with medical, nursing and associate professions and to work with allied organizations and corporations.
          1. The Purposes of THE ASSOCIATION are:
            1. To provide an association of affiliated ostomy associations committed to the improvement of the quality of life of ostomates in North and Central America and the Caribbean basin;
            2. To create a society where people with ostomies and intestinal or urinary diversions are universally accepted and supported socially, economically, medically and psychologically;
            3. To create a productive, financially sound association;
            4. To encourage the highest possible standards of surgery, medical attention and patient after-care for ostomates, and, promote the use by medical professionals of trained ostomate volunteers as members of multi-disciplinary teams organized to help rehabilitate ostomates;
            5. To create a Region where all ostomates can benefit from the services offered by a National Ostomy Association.
          2. The Aims of THE ASSOCIATION are:
            1. To promote the exchange of information about the work and experiences of its member associations;
            2. To promote awareness about the rights and interests of all ostomy and continent diversion patients;
            3. To promote productivity and resource management;
            4. To support efforts to form National Ostomy Associations where needed.
          3. The primary Objectives of THE ASSOCIATION are:
            1. To provide a forum for the exchange of information by:
              1. Publishing periodic newsletters;
              2. Encouraging the formation and maintenance of member directed Internet websites;
              3. Organizing regional meetings and congresses in collaboration with National Ostomy Associations.
            2. To provide awareness and advocacy by:
              1. Maintaining an awareness of issues that are impacting or could influence the quality of life of an ostomy patient;
              2. Offering ISCAP training;
              3. Offering ostomy patient visitor training;
              4. Supporting efforts to develop, establish and provide basic standards in ostomy care and rehabilitation cooperating with professional medical and nursing associations, government health agencies and other allied organizations;
              5. Cooperating with professional and manufacturing communities that contribute to the advancement of an ostomates quality of life.
            3. To organize the work of THE ASSOCIATION through the use of strategic planning and financial and manpower resource management.
            4. To initiate and support the formation of new ostomy associations by:
              1. Defining places where ostomy associations are needed;
              2. Working with medical professionals and ostomates to start new associations;
              3. Providing mentorship to new associations.
        Membership in THE ASSOCIATION shall be open to all ostomy associations in countries comprising North and Central America and the Caribbean basin who support the Constitution of THE ASSOCIATION, and those of the OAA and the IOA.

        1. Classes of Membership:
          1. Full membership;
          2. Associate Membership;
          3. Other classes as may be established by THE ASSOCIATION’s House of Delegates.
        2. Class Definitions:
          1. Full Membership of THE ASSOCIATION shall be open to any National Ostomy Association or Associations, or to Associations comprising more than one country. Before Full Membership in THE ASSOCIATION can be conferred the group applying must:
            1. Evidence in writing its acceptance of the Constitution of THE ASSOCIATION, and those of the OAA and the IOA;
            2. Have completed the “NCACOA” Membership Application Form” ;
            3. Have paid the current OAA Annual Subscription Fee;
            4. Have documented country-wide or multi-country activities;
            5. Evidence in writing its determination to be managed, as soon as possible principally by ostomates;
            6. Evidence in writing its acceptance of IOA’s Code of Practice for the Sponsorship and Cooperation with Manufacturers;
            7. Have been approved by a simple majority vote of the House of Delegates of THE ASSOCIATION.
          2. Associate Membership of THE ASSOCIATION shall be open to those ostomy associations who apply for Associate Memberships and to such other associations that are not granted Full Membership in THE ASSOCIATION.To be eligible for Associate Membership applicants must meet the same eligibility criteria as listed in SECTION 4.B.(1) above with the exception of sub paragraph d.
          3. Provisional Membership
            Notwithstanding the provisions of Sections 4.A and 4.B, Full and Associate Members may be accepted by THE ASSOCIATION’s Executive Council on a provisional basis until its House of Delegates can formally accept the association at its next House of Delegates meeting. Groups so accepted shall be said to have Provisional Membership. Provisional Members shall have all rights accorded to other members in their class, with the exception of the right, by Full Members, to vote.
        3. Rights:
          Full Members and Associate Members of THE ASSOCIATION shall be entitled to such rights and privileges as hereinafter appear or as determined by the House of Delegates of THE ASSOCIATION and recorded in the Standing Rules.
        4. Subscriptions:
          Member Associations of THE ASSOCIATION shall pay an annual subscription fee as provided for in Section 5.
        5. Disaffiliation:
          1. Full or Associate Members of THE ASSOCIATION shall be subject to disaffiliation:
            1. If they do not pay their annual subscription fee for a period of two (2) years after receipt of written notice that payment is due;
            2. For any exceptional reason as determined by a two thirds (2/3) vote of THE ASSOCIATION’s House of Delegates.
          2. In any disaffiliation action, THE ASSOCIATION’s House of Delegates may, at its discretion, suspend or cancel the membership, the voting privileges and/or the services to which the Member is entitled. Action by the House of Delegates can be taken only after the Member has been given three (3) months prior written notice of the House of Delegates’ intent to initiate such action. A two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the House of Delegates is required to adopt a disaffiliation action. Before a vote can be taken 2/3rds of the Full Membership Associations must be present or represented by proxy in the House of Delegates. The House of Delegates, at its discretion, shall have the right to restore such voting rights and services to the Member. Action to restore shall require a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the House of Delegates.
        The activities of THE ASSOCIATION shall be carried out by:

        1. The House of Delegates
        2. The Executive Council
        1. Composition
          THE ASSOCIATION’s assembly shall be called the House of Delegates. Meetings of the House of Delegates shall be called General Sessions. Delegates should be ostomates. Delegates shall not be employed by the manufacturer or distributor of ostomy prosthetic or related products.

          1. Each Association with Full Membership may be represented by a maximum of two (2) Delegates with the number of their votes determined by the following schedule:
            Number of Members Number of Votes
            1 to 2,499 1
            2,500 to 4,999 2
            5,000 and up 3
            1. All Full Membership Delegates shall have the right to address the House of Delegates.
          2. Each Association with Associate Membership shall have no (0) votes and may be represented by one (1) Delegate.
            1. All Associate Membership Delegates shall have the right to address the House unless the House of Delegates, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote decides to the contrary.
          3. Quorum
            A quorum shall be deemed to exist if fifty (50) percent of the votes capable of being cast are represented in the House, either by Delegates or by proxy.
        2. Functions:
          The functions of the House of Delegates shall be:

          1. To determine the policies of THE ASSOCIATION;
          2. To consider applications for membership in THE ASSOCIATION and to elect new Members;
          3. To elect THE ASSOCIATION’s Executive Council and the Nominations and Elections Representative;
          4. To appoint a Full Member Association to organize THE ASSOCIATION’s next House of Delegates Meeting in conjunction with a Regional Conference.
        3. Meetings:
          1. The House of Delegates shall meet in General Session at least once every three (3) years, either in person or electronically, or, at other such intervals as the House of Delegates may from time to time determine.
            1. Special Sessions of the House of Delegates may be convened at the request of the majority of the Full Members of THE ASSOCIATION.
          2. Full Membership Associations shall receive written notice of the Agenda for General and Special Sessions three (3) months prior to the Session.
          3. Full Membership Associations shall receive written minutes of the Session within two (2) months after adjournment. When possible the minutes shall be written in both English and Spanish.
          4. The President shall chair the General Session.
          5. The language of General and Special Sessions shall be English. Simultaneous translation into Spanish shall be provided when feasible.
          6. All General Sessions of THE ASSOCIATION shall be open to observers.
          7. Those Full Membership Associations who are unable to send Delegates to General or Special Sessions of the House of Delegates, shall have the right to use mail ballots to cast their votes on those items of THE ASSOCIATION business included in the Agenda as provided to Full Membership Associations under the provisions of paragraph 5.C.(3). Mail ballots must be sent to the President of THE ASSOCIATION, and received thirty (30) days prior to the House of Delegates meeting to be valid.Envelopes containing mail ballots shall be marked “MAIL VOTE” and shall not be opened by the President and the votes counted until the day of the House of Delegates Meeting. Ballots shall be opened by the President in the presence of the Nominations and Elections Representative or their designee.
        1. Members:
          The Executive Council shall consist of the President, the President Elect, the Vice President, the Treasurer, and a Member of the Executive Council.

          1. The President, with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, shall appoint a Secretary. The Secretary shall provide service to the Executive Council but shall not be a voting member of the Executive Council. The Secretary shall possess written and verbal skills in both English and Spanish.
        2. Nominations:
          Nominations for the Executive Council shall be solicited from all Full Membership Associations by the House of Delegates appointed Nominations and Elections Representative. The names of the nominees will be distributed with the Agenda for the Session at which they are to be elected. These nominees will be the only candidates eligible for election.
        3. Candidates Stipulations:
          1. The members of the Executive Council, when possible, shall be Officers or current leaders, of a Full Membership Association;
          2. The President, President Elect and the Vice President shall be ostomates or individuals with continent diversions. The Treasurer, Executive Council Member and Secretary, though desirable, need not be an ostomate or have a Continent Diversion;
          3. The members of the Executive Council shall not be employed by the manufacturer or distributor of ostomy prosthetic or related products.
        4. Election:
          Election of Executive Council members shall take place at HoD meetings held in conjunction with Regional Conferences. Full Membership Associations, unable to have delegate representation at the Regional Conference, may cast their votes by mail as provided for by Paragraph 6.C.7.
        5. Term of Office:
          The term of office of the members of the Executive Council shall not exceed the time interval between two successive Regional Conferences. Terms of office for NCACOA officers shall commence with the adjournment of the HoD meeting at which they are elected.

          1. Executive Council members may not succeed themselves in any one Office.
        6. Special Officer Duties:
          1. The President shall serve as a member of the OAA Coordination Committee;
          2. Upon the end the President’s term in office, the President Elect shall automatically assume the office of President. If during their term as President Elect, the President shall resign or be unable to fulfill his/her duties, the President Elect shall complete the President’s term and then the full term of President for which he/she as President Elect, was elected to serve.
        7. Governance Responsibilities:
          The Executive Council shall:

          1. Conduct the business of THE ASSOCIATION;
          2. Manage the fulfillment of THE ASSOCIATIONS primary objectives as defined in Section 3.C.;
          3. Organize THE ASSOCIATION’S business activities at General Sessions and shall collaborate with Regional Conference host Associations on all other aspects of General Sessions.
      8. FINANCE
        1. Subscriptions:
          1. The annual subscription rates payable to OAA by the members of THE ASSOCIATION shall be fixed by the OAA Coordination Committee each year.
          2. The OAA Coordination Committee shall establish the necessary procedures to collect these annual subscription fees.
          3. A percentage of the subscription fees paid by the Members of THE ASSOCIATION will be set aside for use by THE ASSOCIATION to fund operating expenses. This percentage will be determined by the OAA Coordination Committee.
          4. THE ASSOCIATION shall not assess any secondary subscription fees without approval of the OAA Coordination Committee.
        2. Fiscal Year:
          The Fiscal Year of THE ASSOCIATION shall coincide with the Calendar Year, extending from January 1st through December 31st.
        3. Operating Budget:
          THE ASSOCIATION will prepare an annual operating budget that will be submitted to the OAA Coordination Committee by October 1st of each year

          1. THE ASSOCIATION shall have the authority to solicit funds from sources other than OAA or IOA for budgeted projects, programs and activities approved by the OAA.
        The House of Delegates may establish standing rules deemed appropriate for the governance of THE ASSOCIATION.
      10. AMENDMENTS
        This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Delegates present at a House of Delegates meeting provided that written notice of the proposed change is provided to all Full Membership Associations three (3) months prior to the meeting at which the amendment will be voted upon.
        The latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, when not in conflict with this Constitution, shall govern the proceedings of THE ASSOCIATION, the House of Delegates and the Executive Council.
        Any resolution to dissolve THE ASSOCIATION shall only come into force if voted upon by at least 2/3rd of the Full Membership and passed by a two-thirds (2/3rds) majority of the votes cast at a session convened for that purpose. Upon dissolution of THE ASSOCIATION, any surplus funds of THE ASSOCIATION, after discharging all legal liabilities of THE ASSOCIATION, shall be distributed among the Full Members of THE ASSOCIATION at the time of dissolution who are registered not-for-profit organizations, in due proportion to their last annual subscription fee.

Approved by the Delegates at the NCACOA HoD meeting convened in Frankfurt, Germany, November 20, 2010